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MMORS introduce about Virtual Levelling

Ninja expand in today's update virtual Leveling your choice. In open it, you'll see what extent do you achieve this level of excellence 120 corresponding to each of RS Gold your skills!

Although there are between 99 120 unlocked, no content, you will still get the message level increases. There are also some cool icons can be displayed in your statistics to commemorate select your dedication and skills. This will be the gold equivalent skill level 120, Crystal, if you reach 2 million XP.

You will find games in other tabs virtual interface level adjustment options can be set. Each week, we develop yourself as a flow in the game activities. Watch our streams and find a complete streaming arranged our twitch channel.

Check out our YouTube channel for streaming video recap, you may have missed, including last week's teaser Falador rework and virtual leveling.

This week we will discuss all of mmors the awesome show, we've talked about in RuneFest, and catch up wit the customer support team.

Customer Service Week for mmors
MMORS.COM publish news about Falador invasion
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