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MMORS news that 15 anniversary celebration

In the next four weeks, we will in the past 15 years to highlight the most memorable, and clips together our favorite moment, give you bring the most nostalgic arena birthday also.

Watch our arena twitch channel on Tuesday January 5th 17:00 UTC Andrew and Paul Gore special hour flow! We'll look back on history of rivers and lakes for 15 years, the fifteenth birthday documentary will later this year released upcoming Goyle's pursuit.

You will soon found some party Pete gielinor modification, including festive bunting in Ge, lanterns in the tree, and in the new concept of magnet. In addition to the party people go a little crazy party decorations, and a drop of birthday edition, the fifteenth anniversary memorial garden, a unique Party lovers, and some special projects, covering and expression are unlocked.

Don't miss the party! The Falador magnetic stone east look for special venue for themselves or reading to learn more about the party party plan.

Login now with the party in the party zone free of charge to receive fifteenth anniversary birthday party to help you get into the spirit of the party. Each box contains a prismatic prismatic light, star, a statue of the principal and the 10 party hat pieces. Ironman account will also get a free gift box, but they wouldn't accept prismatic star lights.

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Win a seat at the premiere of our documentary
Behind the Scenes in January 2016
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