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MMORS news that in the curse of the tide

This month, our task is to focus on Runescape Gold one of the oldest of the most favorite - the tutorial island. I am sure that many of you, like me, start your life on the island, causing the rats and helping them to burn bread.

A few years ago, the island mysteriously disappeared, and from the Wizards of the "tower" in the "some of the pomegranate" keen to discover why. In the curse of the tide, you will look for survivors and work on vannaka, a long trek to the seabed to investigate the fate of the island of water. A dark story waiting. Looking forward to a journey filled with tears of nostalgia and classic humor.

As a special Christmas, this task will be open to free players and members! Requirements are very low, and there is a pile of skills required to complete this Atlantis like experience at the 30 level.

Reward is of course not a rookie although. You will get a new monthly mission, giving the XP under the fishing and agriculture, as well as some delicious loot and a very cool new knife like the vannaka rewrite!

Thanks to MMORS RS Gold the guitar girl's recommendation through runelabs and thousands of people to vote in favor of the survey.

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