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MMORS news that live streams this week

Tuesday, February 2nd UTC 17:00 (game time) to the developer Quiz - God score card, the invention, and runemetrics

It's going to be a busy, busy stream! We must see this week some toys (sliske kick-off God card, endgame) and exciting runemetrics. We will also catch up with the guardian in order to check with the new invention to increase.

In the forum to publish your questions, not in the UTC time on Tuesday, February 2nd at 5 pm on the missed!

Tuesday, February 2nd UTC 21:00 (game time) jmod MOD shauny!

Defense shauny has more cunning tricks. Join in the fun of his boast in our twitch channel for one hour!

In other news...

The fifteenth year party is over. The statue in the garden is collected by the player. Players can also find a portal in the game world to unlock a variety of statues. The tree lanterns and lodestone Fifteenth Anniversary Logo also stay in the game.

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