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MMORS news that old rares last chance

We’re also rolling out a new batch of rares which are up for grabs on Treasure Hunter and the Rare Item Store from this weekend. These include:Image of Ban Hammer, Magic Wand and Twang Crossbows.

Ban Hammer: A mighty ban hammer main hand and off-hand weapon, which can be switched between level 1 and level 70 versions. Use this to ‘BAM’ your friends and enemies!

Balancing Wand: Show off Buy RS Gold your balancing skills with this sparkling magic wand! Use it as a wand weapon or as a cool novelty item to give you a unique walk, run and idle animations while you are wielding it. Stats can be switched from level 1 and level 70 versions.

Twang Crossbow: ‘TWANG’ these main-hand and off-hand crossbows at your enemies to startle them! Stats can be switched from level 1 and level 70 versions.

Image of Lucky Coin, Map Hat and Chic Scarf, Lucky Coin: Flip it! Wield this lucky coin to give yourself a unique walk, run and idle animation while you are holding it.

Map Hat: A handy travel guide that can be stored on top of your head.Chic Scarf: Become the hippest dude/dudette in town with the chic scarf!

Image of Hype Train and Potion Hat.Hype Train: All aboard the hype train! Brand new follower pet in the shape of the hype train, which wiggles, jiggles, chats and gives off plumes of smoke. When the update timer is live, the smoke turns blue and purple and the train gets more excited! You can also store this in your menagerie in your home.

Potion Hat: Stylish, recolourable mage’s hat which easily holds your beverages. Colour the hat to one of 16 different colours to match your favourite potions! Remember, this is a cosmetic hat and cannot actually store doses of potions.

A limited number of these new rares will be available at a special early bird price – be sure to grab them now and show off to your friends!Wanna see more details? Maybe you should look at our website

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