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MMORS publish news about Celebration of Fire

Blaze a trail Lumbridge crater and treasure hunters this weekend some of the flamin "awesome reward.

From 00:00 UTC on November 5 until 23:59 UTC November 9, Guido Fox is holding Lumbridge volcanic hot holiday event.

Firey head there for fun, and Hunter is ever-changing logs, as well as some unique fire-related consumables.

How to start: Firemakers Sera, Emmet can Lumbridge crater was discovered, proved POI dance and Spitfire.

Head there and talk to them a free POI and Spitfire solutions. These can be used in both cases the inner crater, respectively, in agility and give Herblore XP, add a little Firemaking XP operating system. You can pick up more treasure hunters.

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How to start the fire festival
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