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MMORS tell you Something a little different in Runescape

And shadow Ashdale, we aim to bring you something different.We have been focused on atmosphere and visual storytelling, and the environment is the real star of the exhibition.You will spend a lot of the pursuit of the exploration and research, found the story, when you go to.We hope you like it.When you finish this task, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the BBS.

Big goods covered with armor restoring ancient ways of Solomon: plate armour, recolourable with your choice of metal, decorative and gilded;Armadyl toast armor and class;And all the four Godswords.Pick them up, Solomon's general store!

Existing gamers package 12 (role in the process of creating your choice of the mode of the basic characters of cosmetics, customized) has been updated and improved graphics.You can talk the color of Sally in rock shop clothes to change these dimension.The manuscript still exist, but renamed 'retro' prefix.We will continue to these improvements and future batches.A new set of 'pathfinder' mixed armor has been added, to reward the PATH parts of the complete system.We have already made great batch repair and adjustment in the early part of the game.See the patch on the details, and for today's update all the details of the other.

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MMORS review to Chris archie ScapeSkill and saber
The MMORS review to Guthixian butterfly in Runescape
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