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MMORS.COM ask us anything about 2016

The future of blast furnace for Buy RS Gold MODS Connor, and Osborn drowner to answer your question 2016. From the dawn of the invention skills to fifteenth birthday celebrations, NXT, God of the World War 2 and beyond the Dungeon - more than is expected in the coming year.

Log from the UTC 00:00 time to pick up an exclusive snowverload plush toy, who can be equipped with arms in your arms to embrace him, apparently required. It can not be used in combat (you to bash sb. With this, you will not seriously?) But it's pretty cute.

Penguins and mammoth plushies can win the treasure hunter, but they had to hurry - 23:59 UTC twelfth! Do not forget to log in every day to the arrival of more calendar, especially the treasure hunters prize!

As always, there is a happy weekend! Glad to see you come to our website 

Christmas tide pursuit Pt 3 for mmors
In the winter of the weekend 2
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