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MMORS.COM introduces Iron Man organize and direct

We enable a large number of high-level players for mmors this week's Iron Man.

First, Ironmen players may now visit each group using the boss of all bosses of the instance of the system. They can also create groups access raid "Mazcab liberation."

Lootshare account also makes iron man - boss even though it will only work.

With these changes we also opened a number of areas of the game, before a player can not enter the iron man. These include areas such as Kalphite king's lair, Vorago drilling, mobilization of troops and barbarian attacks.

In addition, we also make iron man players get Completionist and trim Completionist corner! Unlock those songs you can not access before, just try to Buy RS Gold enter or problems with interactive content. Iron Man watching the players began broadcasting history quack!

2015 Gold dwarf Award
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