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MMORS.COM publish news about Falador invasion

For decades, the Black Knight hate white knight for RS Gold their wealth, resources, and their tendency to bustle in the affairs of others. But the Black Knights have found a weakness: the White Knight, holed up in his castle, I believe they are safe. Two weeks in October, they will prove them wrong once peaceful siege of the city Falador.

For either (or both, if you like), write down their forte, demolition catapult, pop the balloon and take care of the sick and wounded. By doing so, you will get valuable XP, and fill your pockets recognition. In recognition of these cash awards, including XP lights, shaking his head knight mace pets and marshmallows. After the event, we will reveal which party is most supportive.

This is just the half of it. Treasure Hunt will take you through Falador Looking Raddallin legendary banner, while Falador archaeologists have unearthed a mysterious chest in Falador Park. This case requires you to dig out and communities, but what's inside? Well, we do not want to ruin the surprise.

Craftsman workshop will have a useful 50%, XP and 200% of the credit increase, while giant nevus will have dual fell two weeks. All of Runescape Gold this lovingly packaged in a graphical rework Falador extra gloss pearl white.

MMORS introduce about Virtual Levelling
Call ancestors novice task for mmors
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