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MMORS.COM to introduce about Guthix Fist reward

If you've played Runescape Guthix Fist, see below how Guthix Fist details have been improved long list of mmors changes:

New runecrafting four pairs of gloves - this time they are matching runes carved double XP gain - to choose from. Like others of the kind, with the essence of the 1000 after the degradation of dust:

Fire gloves | 40 Runecrafting | 75 tokens
Chaos gloves | 50 Runecrafting | 150 tokens
Death gloves | 92 Runecrafting | 200 tokens
Blood gloves | 94 Runecrafting | 200 tokens

Three new sets of Buy RS Gold gloves available in Chinese medicine. These give you the monster is any herbal herbal medicine received its associated 50% reduction in opportunities. The duration of about 100 types of herbs dropwise, after which,gloves degradation into dust:

Lantadyme | 85 Herblore | 300 tokens
Dwarf weed | 85 Herblore | 300 tokens
Torstol | 90 Herblore | 350 tokens

provide the right to boast of mmors
Fist of Guthix for MMORS.COM
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