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 News detailed page review to Meteor Storm

Meteor storm comes back. Put your hands on the meteorites and cosmic dust has replaced the XP's standard lamps and stars.

This promotional event will be UTC UTC 23:59 00:00 from Thursday, July 7th to Monday, July 11th.

Meteor storm is like Buy RS Gold a super concentrated, XP laser beam space!

Meteorites and cosmic dust provide 25% more XP or additional XP than the standard star or light. If you are also using meteor items in your one of the lowest five tips, you will get an extra 50% on the XP, adding up to a total of 75% XP over the standard XP project!

Your five qualified skills will be highlighted in the skill selection interface so that you can quickly apply the skills required for your bonus application.

Note that if one or more of Buy Runescape Gold your lowest five skills are between 99 and 120, the dungeon will be eligible for promotion XP.


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