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 News detailed page review to Zodiac training activities

Get the event with the zodiac, and find out what it's treasure. Following last year's popular death lotus training, this activity in the game is based around the animal's zodiac. Some very cool rewards are for the fight, so get involved! Inventors can, gowns look this week found a couple of mmors equipment, can use a nifty invention creation as the subject of cosmetics of rock.

Twelve zodiac training: from February 4th to February 9th, to undertake the training activities of the twelve zodiac signs, to complete a variety of tasks and challenges. This year it will mainly put your skills and strength to complete the mini game. Simply open the treasure hunter in the promotion, you will receive a card, you can click on the start of the zodiac training.

Once you have completed a line or a column, you will get a monkey jewelry, cash bag or XP. Complete the entire scroll, and you will unlock the coveted dragon Zodiac costume. With last year's event, you can finish multiple times for a list of Buy Runescape Gold different vibrant colors.

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Zodiac training activities
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