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 News detailed page review to outfit Bonuses

A full and Runescape Gold matching camouflage gear will give you the following bonus: 5 days will be the location of the thief (if you have to unlock them): prifddinas, Pyramid plunder, consortium, lleyta, rogue guild, pollnivneach.

5% double pick the opportunity,A 5% chance to avoid being shocked pickpocketing (if you have trahaearn exoskeleton equipment you would get a bonus, and wear camouflage?!)

Wearing camouflage wristbands silence to provide you with his gloves and used to meet the requirements of the same benefits.If you have any black Ibis packages you will receive a XP bonus to fully grasp the clothes they wear to steal

Pyramid predatory fans:The Ibis found an increase in Buy Runescape Gold opportunities in Pyramid (plunder and the God stick stack)

Added opportunity to find a stick in Pyramid (if you also have the trahaearn skeleton equipment you will get bonus, while wearing a colorful outfit!)Increase the opportunity through the door in the MLM,5% increases the chance of not being bitten by snakes.

Smoke lamp back for mmors
Stealing in disguise for mmors
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