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Man Given Police Caution for RuneScape Online Game Theft

  The man, who is based in the Avon and Somerset area, is alleged to have obtained login details for RS Gold, a role-playing game with some ten million users.He was arrested last Tuesday by detectives from the Central Police e-crime unit on suspicion of computer misuse offences, and accepted a police caution(Runescape Gold).Industry experts said the case fell within a "legal grey area" but that any theft, virtual or real, should be taken seriously.Even though it is against the rules, players have been known to trade powerful characters and items within runescape gold and other similar games.

  "Buy RS Gold, a hammer or a sword within a game can be worth thousands of pounds," Rob Fahey, former editor of online magazine, told The Times. "It's bizarre but that's the 21st Century for you."Mark Gerhard, chief executive of Jagex Games, which makes rs gold, said: "Players invest years of time and effort into developing their character so theft of (an) account shouldn't be treated differently to the theft of other valuable possessions."Four years ago, rs gold a Chinese man was stabbed to death after he borrowed a dragon sabre in the online game Legends of Mir 3 then sold the powerful virtual weapon to someone else for 7,200 yuan (£640).You can buy Cheap RS Gold.

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