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Meet the team and Q and a player Council

We are recovering the players' committee! Join us on Wednesday, July 6th at three p.m. game time, on the south of the world's 24 largest exchange. We will introduce our new arrivals to the MTX team, and to any questions you have raised.

If you want to ask us anything, just submit your ideas to Buy RS Gold the forum and we will do as much as we can in our meeting.

See you there! Runemetrics trace changes - lightweight version increases

Runemetrics has been upgraded to an ultra compact version. This is a new way to display the interface box, no background, so it will not enter your game window!

In addition, these two Pro runemetrics functions have been transferred to the runemetrics free version. From today's update, the low health warning (screen flashing red) will be free, as will choose "display stack value".

You may also notice that your XP tracker has changed, and don't worry, this function has been modified and improved!

For all the details of Buy Runescape Gold the changes, check out the Kalaya MOD to prepare the forum thread.

Snapchat jmod acquisition - MOD balance - Thursday!

This week, the Department of defense will take over Snapchat RuneScape. Learn a little bit about our head communities, as well as get an insight into Jagex's annual summer happy Thursday! Runescapegame check out of snapchat, sharing a screenshot of your favorite use # jmodsnapchattakeover of Twitter and instagram. review to Meteor Storm
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