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Menaphos was Available in Runescape

As we all known, Menaphos requirements, new Slayer Dungeon, Shifting Tombs and so on are available. Here are the requirements for different contents. Hurry up to buy cheap RS Gold to play them.

If want to play Menaphos, you need to speak to the Emir in Al-Kharid Palace to start the Jack of Spades quest. There, Stolen Hearts & Diamond in the rough are required for Jack of Spades. Runescape membership is required to access to Menaphos.

Sophanem Slayer Dungeon requires 88 Slayer and lcthlarin's Little Helper quest. Shifting Tombs requires 50 Agility, 50 Construction, 50 Crafting, 50 Divination, 50 Dungeoneering, 50 Prayer, 50 Runecrafting, and 50 Thieving.

The entry quests will allow for new players to get caught up to speed and participate in the new runescape expansion. That means, it is easy to get into Menaphos. You just need to buy some cheap RS Gold from

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