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Mining and forging rework extension

Hello everyone,

Earlier this week, we shared more information on mining and forging rework in the life stream, in our forums and social media.

This leads to a lot of feedback from you all, and we don't want to rush through or ignore. Remember, we have taken a hard decision to postpone the mining and forging next year.


Mining and forging rework is important for Buy RS Gold you to want to update: it changes you to play the game, you have to be in the last year of the survey.

But when we present the design, it is clear that we are not sufficiently close to what you expect. You have a lot of fair feedback and attention, including issues with the core part of the update. In particular, you feel that the update is bloated, you do not need or do not need to change, but left a lot of unfinished.

We want to make sure we get the right first time. We also need to spend time chatting with you, highlighting and solving the core issues. Let us produce something useful for the game now and for the long term, but also to meet your expectations.

What is now?

Mining and forging the September progress slot will be filled with a lot of updates, focus on improving the game, we will share these updates next week. We will also use some extra time to get the start of an epic Sliske's final mission!

Once again, we apologize for Buy Runescape Gold the delay, but we feel that we are in the mining and forging and years of the game to the right decision.

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