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Mithril Dragons Quest in Runescape

Mithril dragons are the sixth strongest dragons in RuneScape, they are immune to the effects of poison, and impervious to mithril-based weaponry. Mmors where sell the cheapest RS Gold will introduce you the mithril dragon strategies.

It is suggested to use protection and deflection prayers when fighting a mithril dragon outside the melee range. Augury or Leech Magic will be helpful if you use magic. The prayers will increase your damage output and make the dragon's attacks hit less. You can use familiars to extend the duration of a trip, while bunyips, unicorn stallions and summoning titans can improve your defence and life points.

As Mithril dragons are immune to the effects of poison, so one way to mithril dragons is ranging using enchanted ruby and diamond bolts. Overloads or extreme potions, prayer potions, and a holy wrench are recommended equipment, they can increase your prayer restoration. One effective option for maging mithril dragons is high level earth spells. In addition, the storm of armadyl spell is very effective against mithril dragons.

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