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Mmors.Com review to the next level behind RuneScape

A heavy metal robots, eccentric big game hunters and steel claw ninja will be the way they compete for the computer screen at the beginning of next year, due to the efforts of Cambridge technology company.

Block N Load is offering from Jagex, behind the great success of fantasy games in RuneScape, there are more than 2 million registered accounts video game studios latest product.

In the Cambridge science park from headquarters, a team of 10 developers have been working for 18 months in their latest project, a cartoon game, both teams spend as much time as possible to destroy their environment.

Vice President David solari has led to the project. He said: "this is a game, anything could happen, you can only in what you can do to limit your imagination.

"This five V five, competitive and objective basis, where you have to create and destroy the battle to destroy the enemy base."

The game will be able to through the online store steam, tens of thousands of games can download to a computer anywhere in the world.

The game characters, including the sniper nigel Purdey over a long distance, long shots and combat gear of the robot, dig a tunnel and the local traps throughout the interactive landscape, in an attempt to subvert the election of the opposition. It has been the trial in some focus groups, and the initial reaction to prove positive.

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