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Mmors.Com tell you about Intermittent network problems

Recently, rivers and lakes and old school players experienced intermittent network problems, such as peak lag or disconnect. This is particularly bad on Sunday afternoon / Good evening, many players of the game is broken.

These interrupts (mostly) due to DDoS attacks - the garbage data to flood the Internet to connect to our server. This causes the player behind, sometimes bad enough to cause a disconnect.

DDoS attacks are a serious problem affecting many recent large online gaming service. Unfortunately, the rivers and lakes of the old school communities also sometimes targeted anti-social behavior.

I want you to know that we are working to resolve this issue in a number of areas, although not completely immune, we will every step we can to reduce the impact on your game.

For more network problems and Runescap Gold from

Mmors.Com tell you about Your role in the game
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