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Both players will continue to adhere to in everquest around the next release will be interesting, but developers Jagex recently found that not everyone wants the latest graphics and the latest visual effects, when it comes to games. Cambridge, England's studio has improved over the past 13 years its fantasy mmorpgs RUNESCAPE countless times, but last year, 440000 nostalgia, deprive players vote raised 2007 version of the game. Restore ancient ways redo launched in early 2013, the new RUNESCAPE3 months ago the direction of a more modern.

"We call it the old school in RuneScape, because we want to treat it from the main game is different," phil mansell, in RuneScape Jagex vice President. "Main game has a lot to help us decide the weekly update of players. The timing of the old school is very concerned about. This is a simple, tougher game perfect nostalgic experience. It has a different set of how we, as the manager of the game, update its rules. We only change anything about the game, if there is a 75% of the players who support this change. This means that you need a lot of consensus. This means no too big change, but in fact it is players want. They want to have a very stable and reliable basis, they can continue to come back."

Marc ogle d head content designers RUNESCAPE said, nostalgia also played the main character.

"We introduced the traditional model, the main game, this is a use of the old game of combat systems," said ogle d. "A few years ago we made great changes in our combat system, and this is known as the evolution of combat. The player is a more tactical and more immersive experience. But some players don't want to be like this, whether it is good or not, they don't care. They just want these experiences, they received, so now they can get the best of both worlds all we create a new content, and the traditional combat."

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