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Mmors.Com tell you about Skillcapes new look

Last year, a poll showed update skillcapes passed, and in the subsequent investigation, you choose a complete reform of their designs. As of today, the iconic cape has a whole new look:

There is an additional feature, also bundled with the traditional cape hood can be attached to the cape, so it appears to hang in the back. - Of course can be separated, if you like to wear it as usual. Pyramid plunder, Ninja also turned their attention to the pyramid plunder minigame to update the environment, with a moody, atmospheric lighting.

There are newer music audio team, so listen when you load the artifacts. Solomon shops, chameleon extraction, a bold new look? Extracting several small chameleon tickets may be available today at Solomon's shop! Each pot for you to extract a color change, until you visit the transformation Master revoke it. There are a variety of colors to choose from, from the amazing Red - a total of 23, the delicate violet.

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RuneScape Twitch integration within the game
Launched a number of new rare
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