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Mmors.Com tell you about the port update

This month is a great extension player, with ports, competitive poll last year decided by you. Agile, town and divination to specialized skills, so you need in one or more of the skill levels of 90 to attend.

May be updated and the best part, though it is sailing away without actual need the ability to return to your port, and port makes it easy to use "card" at the same time. There are a bunch of other small improved really floats your boat!

We introduce three new crazy adventurer - mask has no eye, entirely by the divine energy and exiled gorajo girl guilt, each has a unique voyage and link the strange sea monster swimming in the east China sea.

Provide new equipment includes a level 85 dual wield weapons: samurai swords and infighting, with poor and seasinger wand magic orb. There are new scrimshaws, emphasis on fishing.

We also introduced a new "sailed", the three points to the mysterious island. Once found, these can visit statistics, captain's characteristics, and have the opportunity to find the dog cosmetic gear.

In addition, you can get more for the construction of the upgrade port itself, this looks really good, you can change your chance of success.

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