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 News detailed page introduction of Slayer Masks

Seven new Slayers masks come to treasure hunter! When they fight monsters supporting these beautiful animals to damage increase, additional XP, additional drop, and more.

00:00 UTC on July 30, until 23:59 UTC on August 3, is the best time to get a new mask. As a bonus, the treasure hunter who opened this time get immediate troll slayer mask!

The new slayer mask is up for grabs, after following the enemy Style: Dagannoths, Ganodermic, runts and the Beast, automatic machines, Airut, black devil, Aquanita

With the exception of troll mask, which is wearable at any level, all of Buy RS Gold the above masks are mixed armored claim 55 defense.

All seven masks to convey the following benefits: kill other killers when relevant biological XP. This is for you or not is on the transfer of biological problems. Extra fell 10 kills - not including portrait or clue scrolls, but the charm. Increased damage and precision strike and related biological, and assign it the slayer. After killing a group of figures, the mask will become a visual improvement helm version. Be able to switch back to the mask, if you like how it looks. However, from this point, helm / mask will no longer give extra XP, operational efficiency and additional drops. All other benefits still exist. Two daily delivery point to the place of their associated organisms can be found. To ensure that the distribution of its slaughter capacity associated organisms once a day, troll mask, while for others once every three days.For more Runescape and mmors from

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