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 News detailed page published on Elite monsters spawning

Gielinor ferocious beast fighting more exciting, more valuable today, elite monsters have a chance to spawn.

You will recognize an elite with its unique name - if you are a player who gave birth to it - a special animation. Elite initial protection: can attack only by spawning players three minutes, or until the player moves a significant distance from the elite, if earlier.

You can find how long until the elite is vulnerable to click on it. Once the ends and again the movie, for everyone in the vicinity. Then, it is fair Runescape game for mmors everyone.

Elites than their brethren tough, the most special attacks, make them extra challenging battle.

The rewards make it worthwhile, though, particularly for slayers: an elite kill grants you 220% Slayer XP compared to Runescape a regular kill, if killed while on assignment.

Elites listed above will also give the value of the booty from their three-roll drop-down list - including three chances of summoning charm.

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