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 News detailed page review to The latest patch of NXT

MOD is here to tell us about how our brave qaers NXT client, we have from the past weekend learning test.

Don't forget to have a beta weekend, from Friday March 18th at 12:00 UTC!

This week, the dev blog is a bit different, because it is written from the perspective of the QA team. We have just how to evaluate the quality of a game for arena curiosity, restructuring in a new engine? Read all about it!

Spot the Difference: We see the world in the form of NXT, it is obviously different from that we have been accustomed to the old customers. Dynamic shading, the new lighting system, the draw distance increases and all the other new additions create an entirely new gaming experience, but we have to make sure it is still instantly recognizable as the game you know and love.

We spend a lot of time testing the new side of the Java client, and to help me develop an automated test, in fact, has experienced 30 different locations to take two client parallel screenshot. It is very easy to show how our environment changes, and we use them to closely match the colors and the mood of each position of the lighting.

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