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 News detailed page review to free to play extravaganza

Play version of the rivers and lakes to get some serious love in this week's update of freedom, there are two new bosses and a delicious battle to upgrade is the tip of RS Gold the iceberg. Treasure hunters will also be shocked by upgrading the prismania event, which provides up to 60% additional XP. Finally, some frankly, some of the magic of the huge clothing has reached Solomon's store, look at their store!

Play version of the arena has been given a strong impetus to the new boss free, fighting the improvement and the city's options. Free game player can now in a powerful black dragon king to his lair through the wilderness. Only brave and best equipment needs to be applied. Drops, the bones of the dragon and the black dragonhides, are now free for the players to be available for sale, but can only be buried and processed by the members of the. Please note that edgeville products can not be used for the free play of the world to visit the boss.

Similarly, the giant mole and the hard mode giant mole's bosses at the Falador mole pit now also offer to fight in the world of freedom. Since the short cut in the short cut of these boss fights requires that the characters can be reached above the free play, we have taken the decision to eliminate short cuts from the members and the free play of the world. This will create a more streamlined and pleasant experience. Mole skin drops are now popular with free players, but only members can be handed over to wyson.

Tips: free game characters to the boss may wish to craft a special shield to find close to the mole. The mole attached to the anti dragon shield, you can create a powerful ally for Buy Runescape Gold these bosses.

Prepare for the weekend again brilliant green NXT
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