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 News detailed page tell you how do bonus chests work

Go treasure hunter, you can immediately open a new bonus chest, and requires two prisms lights.

After that, every time you use a key to open a normal chest, you will add a charge bonus chest. You can see what is inside bonuses by hovering in the chest, and its contents will change the way you use each key.

Once you reach five charges, you can open it, claiming that its content - which will be twice the normal treasure hunter prize includes everything! - Until Alice offer the most popular items.

Note that you can contribute to the chest 10 times, and open, it will consume these charges 5. Prizes will continue to change, even if you continue to use the keys on the money chest full ten charges.

If you are the prize is a unique project - an Skilling institutions, for example, where you will receive a cash shortage duplicate values.In the end,if you want to Buy RS Gold ,you should choose our site

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