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More details for Adjust week of Runescape

Thing is quiet on updating this week, as a result of our bumper in a month's winner Runescape. This mission start next week - a mstching game - but at the same time it has experienced the last finishing touches, we have been focused on fundamental flaw and adjust the game. First appearance in the town of two extra socket interface, designed for block or off-hand items, so that you can come to a full range of packaging gear, you dig into Daemonheim.

In response to your feedback, we also adjust with previous update launched a new color grading. We hope that this is more in line with what you want to see, we are trying to get your feedback. Head to the BBS, let us know your idea. We have to repair a batch of error. This includes new hyster small game is an important part of the correction: guard can now lock is outside the bank before the bosom, and the robber must carry the box lock to loot. Today's adjustment and correction, and the rest can be found in the patch notes.

We can't wait to let you lose your head - TASTIC content in March. If you are not prepared to, be sure to look at the department of defense mark position behind the news of a class, in the Mahjarrat memories that marks Mr. Ross behind his back for detail: the fate of the gods.

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Details of JMods reflection to RuneFest
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