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More details on Social update of Runescape

Trawl BBS, fan sites and great Internet widely social from all walks of life request, we have a set of improved, many of them pay attention to improve the social aspect of Runescape. Below is a list of updates will help you to interact with your friends, and adventure together and they show off your accomplishments - your way.

Light now highlight the value of 1 million yuan or more, and some rare not trading, such as clue scroll and portrait. More valuable, more juniors beam looks! Now, you'll find a "comment" function in your friend and ignore lists, help you track who is who. We have added your character, a new animation displayed when you log in

Many older expression animation is improved. You can now wear on the clothes of the loyalty program free to play the world. Max and models complete cloak is no longer not to do when you log on to a free play with the world. More kinds of decline and achievements, now declare your log, adventurers and friends and total station announcement.

There is a new filter in the main chat label "broadcast". This will allow you to view the server broadcast (such as 99 announcement), even if your game news filtered or shut down completely. Fireworks display now, every 100000 experience skills make after you reach a level 99. There are "hidden" option, the chest of each equipment slot interface. There is a new chat "trade and aid" label. You can now enter the water hole, and relatives or Daemonheim halo ring. Please note that you can't use these blinking out of the hole.

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