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Most personal play BOSS

Most BOSS image into a sense of setting, compared with the traditional game of BOSS, BOSS looks are all kinds of vicious, with big heads to show their mighty or extraordinary ability, and in the "shadows" in, BOSS never to head size to show strength, but also will not grim to highlight the power of the powerful BOSS.

On the contrary, in the "shadows" of the BOSS who can use looks handsome, tall and elegant and other words to describe, because they are based on figures for the model BOSS, beautiful fairy Chang E, heaven Marshal, North Qiaofeng Nan Murong, browed heroes Yang Guo, unassailable and so on, even if there is no positive with challenges when hearing these names will shudder, they can be described as all of them are martial guise, magic strength of the generation, known as BOSS, is beyond reproach.

Use them as BOSS image, and heroes blows, like a test of life and death battle, the natural sense of substitution stronger, more decisive summit thrill of the Forbidden!

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