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New Changes in Runescape

Among many changes to RuneScape this week, a new weapon draws much attention, which is the Orb of the Cywir Elders. What's it? If you want to learn more, welcome to where you can buy cheap RS Gold.

The new weapon - Orb of Cywir Elders requires your magic level at least at 85. And it has the same accuracy as a tier-90 offhand weapon, at the same time the damage capacity for spells is similar to a tier-80 offhand weapon. But it only can be dropped by Helwyr.

The new weapon will be under a broken state after 60, 000 charges of combat, which means there is at least 10-hour duration of combat. You will get Orb of the Cywir Elders Shards from Helwyr, 120 of which will be distributed on average to the players who kill Helwyr. 

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