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New Eastern Lands Content Rewards

Access to four new arc locations (the cytoplasmic loop, goshima, the island used to be sea turtles and earth love), is now completed on the island.

Take a new title and a series of new places across these miniquests parts for you to uncover more gielinor legend of this mysterious corner - you may even make you trouble.

Opportunities for Buy RS Gold new skills, the entire eastern part of the land more skills to become available here to train. Grow your farm by foraging for a new mushroom and berries. You and me from the divination ability in the moai. The pickpocket thief waiko and cyclosis citizens to enhance.

All these and more skill points waiting for the two arc, but also in sojobo Waiko to sign a new contract and discover your unknown island.

Head of Moai

Today's update is also about giving you amazing rewards discovery. Not to all the people, there are a number of choices for a bunch of Buy Runescape Gold.

Put your hands in the last part (gloves + boots) 85 layer Tetsu, seasinger and Lianhuatai death, allowing you to finally complete and unlock bonus armor set.

The hunter's fans are also very happy - there are some fresh threads to improve your strength. The new hunter's equipment can be from the Waiko award provider, an increase of 6% XP your Hunter training is also available with a total of + 11% yaktwee XP stick stack.

Patch note for mmors
The Arc Chapter 2
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