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New OSRS Mining Gloves

Dear Runescape players, there is a new OSRS Mining Gloves added in the game - Expect Mining Gloves. Are you curious to it? So we will give you a brief introduction.
You can ask Belona in the Mining Guild to create the new gloves. And if you don't have both the gloves to make the new one, the cost of three gloves in all is 240 unidentified minerals.

When equipped with the gloves at Mining level 70 at least, you will have the effect of both the normal Mining Gloves and Superior Mining Gloves. In addition, this effect stacks with the Mining Cape and Varrock Armor.

In order to make the rewards for the completion of the Elite Desert achievement diary still attractive, Jagex has increased the option to teleport to the task-only Kalphite cave besides the current teleport to Nardah on Elite Desert Amulet.

So are you interested? Hurry up to buy cheap OSRS Gold to get early prepared.

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