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New Portable Skills Station

Portable Skilling station stacked in your inventory, can be placed in most areas, last year every five minutes, it can be used for various training purposes by you and your friends. Best place to buy Runescape Gold here.They give a + 10% to XP gain, and use of, and have a variety of more specific benefits:

Portable Fletcher

10% chance to save the log, while the bow and arrow or crossbow
10% chance of two bow or crossbow string in a no additional cost
10% chance to save feathers, arrows and arrow without a head, while the bolts or arrows, including Ascension and debris broad arrows

Portable brazier

There is always counted as the maximum number of players to burn it to record at any time. XP upgrade, which makes a cumulative 10% - always gives a + 15% XP! Giving an increase of 5% points to enhance the lives of 82 minutes, from any single log, a 10% chance to save the log, burning, it can be used for cremation, if unlocked, and give impetus to the same XP Firemaking XP

Portable craftsmen

Process hide --10% chance to save skin
Clay --10% chance to save on clay
Gem cutting --5% chance to save precious stones, excluding hydrix and agate
Tan hide - the same cost as a standard tannery

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