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New Rewards and Rebalancing

First, we have made with the devil boss is not so tiring prospects. They did not move up, you still need a team,Take them out, but now it should be more in line with the risk-reward: flash mob bosses of health and defense have been reduced.

Now stunned with only one-third owner of the attack last long. Treatment is applied boss has halved. Devil bleed effects cause flash mobs can now remove the ability of freedom.

Boss no longer causes damage bonus for players to use prayer to protect items in prayer. Notice that each of the two demons produce small flash mob When, instead of an hour. As long as you are in combat, they will continue to attack enemy types you currently working with - even if you do not actively fight against yourself.

They also have an effect range of special attacks. Finally, we guarantee boss always yields at least five players have enough loot. If fewer than five players for the boss's downfall, the excess will give them the trophy.

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