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New Runescape Hunter Contents Will Come To The Game

The Jagex latest official news post has revealed that a brand-new RS Hunter method will come to the game this summer. Additionally, there will be a new high level salamander, barehanded butterfly hunting improvements and other changes.

This new RuneScape Hunter method will completely change the way players hunt. It will add brand new mechanics and PvM style drops with the chance of including unique items. More details have not been revealed yet, and we will update our news if there is anything new about this new Hunter method.

Besides the new Hunter method, there will be a new yellow salamander with high level. This new RuneScape salamander uses the regular net-trapping method but gives players XP without an item, which offers a more uninterrupted skilling experience. Notice that the new salamander cannot be caught in the inventory or wielded as a weapon.
In addition, some changes are made to RuneScape butterfly hunting. Barehanded butterfly hunting will become the main AFK hunting method as it will be altered to be more AFK-friendly and provide better XP. Players can immediately release the butterfly when they barehand catch it, but the NPC will not be removed from the map anymore. Players can automatically catch the same butterfly multiple times, staying in one place for a little while. If you want to buy RuneScape gold safely and fast, come to MMORS at any time and enjoy the convenience.

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