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New reputation system appears in the development of blog

In the development of blog, MOD JACK talked about new reputation system, which will bring a new life, competitive LianJi Runescape, high-level players to enjoy the fun of game. Please read it carefully and get to know more details. You may recall a 99 is a rare thing to make you stand out in the crowd. These days there are so many 99 seconds, some players to 99, as if this is at the very least, to respect, rather than implement it really is.

The authority is to change all that. In this update, in November your table will be unlocked and again, and someone will head the top by the work of the most difficult player, who is not the first to get there.

But what is a prestige? This is very simple. Precious system will allow you to choose any of the 99 s, press the button and reset the skills level 1. This means that you can once again reach its level of 99. HISCORE table will be the first to through your prestige level. That's not all. The increase will be spread on all levels, so it needs to be two, three, four times as long as all levels.

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