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Ninja Update Week for mmors

While the other dev teams focus on Menaphos, Shattered Worlds and the Achievements system, our Ninjas are an ever-present force for good, tirelessly toiling to Buy RS Gold keep RuneScape ticking over smoothly.

Today’s update focuses on fixes and tweaks from everyone’s favourite shadow warriors. Highlights include:

Spawn rates (with the exception of object spawns) will no longer scale with server player count. Instead, they are fixed at a rate equivalent to a half-full server prior to this change.

Prayer potions are now tradeable on free-to-play worlds.

You can now choose where your 'Attack' option appears:

        Right-click (level-dependent)

Clues which require no equipment can now be Buy Runescape Gold completed with auras equipped.

Keybinds have been added to the interface when building furniture in your POH.

See the patch notes for full details of today’s updates. Thanks Ninjas!


Gemerator Returns for mmors
Name Release Begins 13th March
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