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Difficulty:Grandmaster Quest
Start point:Zimberfizz on the Soul Wars island.
Start:Speak to Zimberfizz the imp at Soul Wars, then search Nomad's tent. After discovering a trap door, climb down.
Quest length:Medium
Members only:Yes
Minimum requirements:King's Ransom, including the Knight Waves

Skills:Level 75 Magic, Level 70 Prayer, Level 66 Mining, Level 65 Hunter, Level 60 Construction. Completed the Soul Wars tutorial. Completed at least one game of Soul Wars

Items: Strong armour and weapons, Prayer potions, Saradomin brews, Super restores, lots of food, a Beast of Burden summoning familiar. Armour that has high magic defence stats, good ranged weapon, Zamorakian spear

Tips: Every time you complete a room you can go out to the Soul Wars Hall. Full quest most of the time will be lvl155 or more melee attack, prayer great demand. Quest on the way to recommend using normal prayer book, playing boss with curse book. Full quest (in addition to playing boss) have to carry a 1-click teleport. No quest to complete the quest again into quest area

If you log off before finishing a quest that will reset and any attendants you've killed will reappear. You will be at Soul Wars when you next log in. You can leave Nomad by hiding behind a pillar and then logging out. At your next login you will be at Soul Wars.

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