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Non solo pet added to the interface of pet

Imagine in December last year, we should be able to increase our call pet into the Runescape pet interface. This update can never happened. If you can join our non solo to the pet store pets interface will be based on these reasons, a great update: in the past year, I have seen the player loses call pet burr. If they could be on the surface of pet will prevent them from being lost due to the burr forever, even if they "disappeared", they are still stored in the interface.

Pet is not welcome, can call them anywhere, they lay off, without having to take up a slot inventory will encourage players had come out. You can easily, without having to actually go to it, all you have to do is choose one of the pet, you will want in it or take out a few simple click manage your zoo. Finally, the players will not have to use the bank space to store the pet not Solomon.

With updates to the future fraternity hospital, problems have emerged, with what will happen in the old POHS. Many pets are trapped in a zoo to repeat it. If you can add them to the pet interface finally will not have to replace the old should be the zoo is deleted to save them and their host a lot of time. Just because of pets are popular or application is not see around, doesn't mean you should ignore it. As for me, it really needs to be updated is unwelcome, instead of what is still often used.

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