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Novtumber festival for mmors

It's time to celebrate the natural glory Gielinor Novtumber festival this weekend - only in the treasure hunter.

From November 19 00:00 23:59 UTC, UTC until November 23 Novtumber festival seeds can treasure hunter in the chest - agriculture and pray for those training.

With conventional seeds, you don't need a patch - they will in any place, you can make a fire.Plant them, watching them quickly germination to maturity.

You have two choices:

Select the production and pray for XP.You may from time to time, "perfect" production yield more XP.
Give up the XP of agricultural production and the opportunity to return to you some seeds.

Note that you have a limited time before their harvest rot, only token XP.Don't plant too much!
In addition to harvest seeds, magic bean returns, and can be obtained from the lamp you agricultural XP, or from agriculture itself.These can be exchanged with Martin Lord hoe seeds and cosmetics.

Finally, some farmers costume and pray first age organizations will treasure hunters, and all the lights and stars used for agricultural or XP production + 25% in prayer.

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