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Nxt platform for runescape

This week, Philip, the Defense Department, returned to tell us more about our NXT client support platform. An important consideration in deciding how to Buy RS Gold write a new client "is what we want it to be able to run, now and in the future. Society has a variety of different computers, we hope to be able to cover as many people as possible, at the same time to their own space to move to new technologies.

Today ran the lake, see you at that moment all the use of what kind of computer, we can see:

3% you are still using XP Windows

35% using Windows 7

50% using Windows 8 / 8.1

3% using Windows 10

6% using a certain type of MAC, 10.11 (Capitan El) has the largest share (because Apple automatically upgrade their operating system)

About 0.5% use

The rest are in the other old versions of the window

Based on this, we decided we needed to support:

XP Windows (32 bit)

All newer versions of windows (32 bit and 64 bit) are mainly focused on Windows 7 + +.

OSX Mac 10.7 +

We have also decided to increase 64 bit Linux to the list of mmors support (currently Ubuntu 14.04 +) because: compile in our compiler system is very fast, so to add it to the more time-consuming windows and apple is very good. In the development process, there are many tools that can help us. We have a special community, they will like it (and 0.5% still a lot of people). There are a lot of platforms, we may want to add support in the future based on. We may want to do something with our new customers on our Linux server (for example, the rendering of the forum avatar).

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