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On astrolabe system

Astrolabe, the mysterious and ancient term, I believe we both feel familiar and unfamiliar, navigators used the astrolabe to locate routes, astrologers used to measure interstellar space or, worse, chart can be used to personalize divination, fortune , spouse, etc.

Astrolabe system is "Runescape" strengthen a player's own ability to repair the system, when characters reach level 55, you can turn on the satellite dish system.

Different levels, you can open the astrolabe practice different, first 55, the player can increase the value of life through the use of role-star beads life, with the role of rating upgrade, you can use the star chart will be more kinds of beads , in addition to increasing the value of life, but also can increase the internal strength and external attack, attack power, defensive ability.

The higher the level, you can insert beads rating will be higher, the increase in bonuses beads naturally will be higher, the player the ability to enhance the degree will be higher.

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Star beads obtained and synthetic
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