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PVP hiscores duel in summer

EN vanguard! From this day you have a new right click option for your inner fire shooter. The place where the duel is here, please take a responsible attitude!

Other news, gear for Buy RS Gold the summer hiscores summer draw, starting tomorrow.We also give you feedback on the light of the light to the light, so scroll down and check how it works.

PVP duel place

Both free to play and RuneScape members

Use the new right key to challenge the other player's duel. The duel works like a big deal. Send a request to another player to duel and accept the information in the chat box or select a duel

Duel of the local image

If you don't want to be asked to duel, you can filter out their duel selection or through the trade filter, such as the challenge in the duel provided.

You can challenge anyone you like to Buy Runescape Gold duel (see the reason for the duel of the rules below, it may not work).

PVP duel place

You won't really earn anything from a duel (no XP or device to beat your opponent will). However, if you fail, you will not die, nor will you lose anything. Then why do you want to start a duel? Well, it's really fun, it's a healthy competition, and you're finally able to get people to laugh at your character's gear!

Start a duel

When you start a duel, you and your opponent will heal, completely and any DEBUFF BUFF and adrenaline / you will be removed. You will see a reciprocal 3, then the word hit! Attack options will appear on your opponent.

The generator in this week is treasure hunter
Behind the scenes in June 2016
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