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Part one of the heist new little game only for Runescape member

Heist - more than a little game here, including the robber must break the booty, but he can put them all guards entrusted to hell. Tang disguise your hands get stolen goods, or according to your intuition to debunk cheater secretly. After making the signature place Runescape program produced by the environment, with the theme of your escape or pursuit. Reward including various subsidies, help you snap down the law or a bolder capers, and bonus XP hunter and thieves.

Joint: climb up the ladder airship Falador north. You will consider joining the game options, start a private game, or have joined a private game. Want to join a private game, you will need to players to preside over its name, - if applicable - they have set up the enter key for it. Once you in the lobby area, line up as a defender to the north and the south to line up the robber. Here, you can chat jazz Vyvin Liara or - the leaders - get more information, please browse remuneration or try out the tutorial. When there are 2-5 players, each side will start game. Before the start of the game, players will be able to vote map theme, they would rather - including a recent poll we choose Canifis options!

Break: robbing people need to live on the map of NPC. The game is the purpose of the robbers to steal bank bag of loot, and return to your starting point, and guards the purpose is to stop them. The robber can click on any NPC by its appearance on the map as a disguise. Using this ability into the crowd, quietly close to the bank, and abolished the loot! In order to solve this problem, the guard to blame anyone, they think is a bandit on the map. To do this, simply click on your suspicion.

If the protection of accused is correct, the robber would lose their camouflage and most of the energy. Then, pursuit is - guard a brief opportunity to catch up with the bandits and they have handcuffed, this - if successful - will leave their incapacitated for a period of time.

If the allegations are false, however, people will not be happy. Too many errors will be in prison through internal affairs to cool a defender for a while. If a robber is cuffed twice, they will be in prison. Unless they can escape in a minute, they will become a defender and against their former partner for the rest of the game.

Game over when to meet one of the following conditions: the robbers in more than two times the bag of loot, because of their players (the robber win). It is important to note that if a robber cancellation or other reasons and left the game, to win the total prize is not reduced. Each a robber into a guard (guard) win. 20 minutes (guard) win.

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Part two of the heist new little game only for Runescape member
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