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Part two of the heist new little game only for Runescape member

Tricks of the Trade: simple heist to play, but it requires skill, cunning and keen eye. The best robbers can imitate civil cheat guard, and one of the most successful defender will be those who can find suspicious behavior a mile. Teamwork is also very important. Share information and cooperate with your teammates, in order to realize their goals is a road to success. The robber can pickpocket prison guards the key, they can use it to spring from the prison of his teammates, or in a free agent.

Each map has a unique layout, the scenery and many can be used. Hidden in a hay (or give them a good tong!), and climbed up the spectacular roof chasing on one side of the building. Depends on the theme of the map, there may be a special function, also. People sometimes need help. If you see someone for help, you can implement your own requirement and reward - a bag of loot the robber, or witnesses information defender. These are just basic knowledge - heist each game is different, and it's the best way to learn is to give it a try. Collect some friends, choose a faction, and began to set their own strategy!

Loot: rob you earn reward points Runescape, can through the exchange of Sir Right-click Vyvin Liara or and select "reward". If you are on the winning side, you will also earn Runescape victory points, can be in open additional bonus points. Most returns is helpful allowance is provided by your performance will improve heist. Each of these is a specific one of the two sides. Points can also be used in the bonus XP hunter or stolen chipper development help.

How to start the heist: climb up the ladder airship Falador north. Talk to Sir Vyvin Liara or for more information. Requirements: you must be a member of Runescape.

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Part one of the heist new little game only for Runescape member
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