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Partner RUNESCAPE Web application

We recently updated partner RUNESCAPE Web application that adds two new features: A D&D tracking, and the proportion of the a-share market. If you haven't tried using the Web application, this member is to provide the free player and mobile phone, tablet or PC, along with the function of the listed above, with it you can talk to your friend, and check the list of GE.

D&D tracking is one of the features you need the most, so we introduce it to the Web application. Now, you can see the next tiankeng, big Chinchompa, or others like Runescape activities before how long to stay. Its function is similar to the version in the game, but now it is included in the application of forming a complete set.

Please note: D&D fund will need a few seconds to load when you use it for the first time, but the access will be fast in the future. This is the old smartphone (iPhone 4), more clearly, we are studying how to speed up this. This function gives you the Web application to the next step in the ability to buy and sell GE projects work. This is ready, we plan to loosen the bank check, but we will release to you in time through BBS for months.

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