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Patch week Hunter Bounty delay

Last week Mod Kelpie announced, we postponed the restart several weeks of Buy RS Gold bounty hunters, make it as much as possible.

This means that it is a patch for a week, and we have made some very good adjustments to make your green experience more enjoyable.

Some of them are updated arc, including senior cooking and making urns, chat the spirit of dragon, Iago bird pet and stacked, pocket seam items in your contract call an unknown island.

In addition, surge spells do damage to the Daemonheim's highest level of spells, and the Ninja chooses the invisible state of the gem as an array of neat interface instead of the dialog tree.

Look at today's update for the full list of Buy Runescape Gold patches, and look for the details of the upcoming month of the upcoming BTS November this Friday.





Hunter Bounty delay
Treasure hunters walk like zombies zombie
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